Mobile Detailing Services

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Mini Detail

Cars $89.99
SUV, Vans, and Trucks $109.99

  • Full Service Wash
  • Tires and Rims Cleaned
  • Interior Dressing For Vinyl, Plastic, and
  • Leather
  • Door Jams Cleaned
  • Floor Mats pressure cleaned
  • Vinyl cleaned
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Spray Wax Application
  • Windows Cleaned

This service is intended for newer vehicles that need a good freshening up.

Interior Package

Cars $159
SUV, Vans, and Trucks $179

  • Full Service Wash
  • Floor Mats Pressure Cleaned
  • Cup Holders/Council area Detailed
  • Door Jams Cleaned
  • Mats and Carpet Shampooed
  • Vinyl/Leather Cleaned and Protected
  • Interior Blown out with Air Hose
  • Seats and Carpet Shampooed and Protected
  • Visors, Ash Trays, and Pedals Cleaned
  • Trunk Cleaned
  • Tires and Rims cleaned and dressed

Exterior Detailing

Wash & Wax Package

Cars $129
SUV, Vans, and Trucks $139

  • Full Service Wash + Vacuum
  • All Glass and Mirrors Cleaned
  • Rims and Tires Cleaned and Dressed
  • All Trim and Plastic Protected
  • Small Scratches Buffed Out
  • Polish/Sealant applied with Machine Polisher

The Exterior Platinum

Cars $149
SUV, Vans, and Trucks $159

  • Full Service Wash
  • All Glass and Mirrors Cleaned
  • Small Scratches Buffed Out
  • Engine Cleaned and Glazed
  • Dress Tires and Hand Clean Rims
  • All Exterior Trim and Plastic Protected
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Door Jams cleaned
  • Clay Bar entire Vehicle
  • Buff/Polish entire vehicle
  • 6 month paint protection guarantee

Full Detail

Cars $210
SUV, Vans, and Trucks $225 and up

  • Full Service Car Wash
  • Shampoo Interior, Mats, Seats & Carpet
  • Dress Interior/Leather/Vinyl With Protectant
  • Engine Clean & Dressed
  • Degrease and Clean Rims & Tires
  • Machine Buff and Polish
  • 6 month paint protection guarantee
  • Clay Bar Application
  • Clean Door Jams
  • Clean Trunk
  • Clean all Vents
  • Shine Tires
  • Dress all Exterior Trim
  • Visors, Ash Tray, and Foot Petals Detailed
  • Clean Windows Inside and Out


Mobile Express Wash Packages

!!! For Offices and Multiple Vehicles !!!

Express Exterior Wash


  • Exterior foam wash
  • Wipe and dry door jams
  • Hand dry vehicle

Super Wash Package


  • Express Exterior Wash
  • Vacuum floors and seats
  • Wipe down door panels, dash, and console area
  • Clean interior and exterior windows
  • Air freshener

Extreme Wash Package


  • Super Wash Package
  • Tires and rims cleaned and dressed
  • Spray wax application
  • Floor mats pressure cleaned and dried
  • Air freshener

A La Carte Add Ons for Express Group Washes

Interior Protect All


This is a leather, vinyl, and rubber dressing used to prolong and protect the life of the material. Also leaves a great sent.

Tire Shine


Dressing used for tires that lasts up to 2 weeks, and leaves a great shine.

Engine Degrease & Shine


  • Pressure clean/steam engine compartment
  • Air hose and wipe down entire engine
  • Apply engine glaze for a long lasting shine

Machine Wax & Polish


  • Apply Wax/Polish to entire vehicle with DA orbital polisher
  • Remove all wax and polish with microfiber rags
  • Leaves a great shine and protection for up to 8 months

Floor Mats Pressure Cleaned


Pressure clean both rubber and carpet floor mats.

Three car minimum, great for office, neighborhood, and multi car family's. There will be a truck and millage charge added depending on distance from shop.